Graphic Designer in the south Jacksonville area, located in St. Johns, Florida

Young Designs is a boutique creative company that helps clients communicate their own message visually. Kelly Young is a graphic designer who partners with other professionals in the marketing arena to make things happen. Kelly takes the time to get to know each client, their goals and how they want to be represented. Being part of the process of helping bring a company to life is exciting.


Kelly Young

Graphic Designer
Kelly Young graduated from University of North Florida with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and a Minor in Studio Art. Her experience lies in graphic design specializing in brand development, print design (business cards, brochures, annual reports, presentation packages, advertisements, billboards, specialized printing effects /techniques, etc) and web/digital design. Young Designs is the company she started 12+ years ago where she works with small businesses, in-house marketing departments, agencies and non-profit organizations. She also has a passion for creating customized graphics for some of what she calls her “Heart Projects”. These include working for and serving Christian Ministry organizations along with those who benefit the arts and special needs communities.

Kelly enjoys creativity of all forms. Computer graphics is her main medium, but she still enjoys the fine arts, especially when she gets to combine the two. The layering of different types of textures has become a signature in many designs. She has always considered art to be an outlet as well as a wonderful communication tool.

Outside of the creative world, Kelly can be found soaking up precious moments with her family and dear friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

I specialize in Graphic Design. What that means is I am a visual communicator. Anytime you need to make a visual to communicate your needs, advertise your services or promote and event, I can help. I work alongside writers, programmers, printers and social media experts to help get your message out there.

I might use Illustration, Photos, Typography (word art) to create a visually pleasing layout design, or I might create sketches that I digitize into something like a logo design. Each project is unique and custom.

One of my first questions at the beginning of a project is “What is your goal deadline”? I like to get clients on a realistic timeline that we all agree upon at the start of a project and then we talk about how we get there. Each project is unique. There are many variables in each project to consider. Sometimes, printers are part of the process, sometimes programmers, photographers or writers are part of the process.

We aren’t in school anymore, but it’s not uncommon for me to assign homework. In order to stay on a timeline, it is important for us to be on the same page of what I need in order to do my job. Sometimes that involves gathering content or photos that I need help from the client so we can keep moving forward.