Graphic Design Services That Make A Visual Impact

I specialize in Graphic Design. What that means is I am a visual communicator. Anytime you need to make a visual to express your needs, advertise your services or promote and event, I can help. I work alongside writers, programmers, printers and social media experts to help get your message out there.

I might use Illustration, Photos, Typography (word art) to create a visually pleasing layout design, or I might create sketches that I digitize into something like a logo design. Each project is unique and custom.

My passion projects include those catered towards Ministry, Special Needs, Non-profits and Small Business. It’s important for me to be able to relate to a client. Designs don’t just happen. They have to come from somewhere. Finding the right inspiration is key. Projects that I can relate to, or find very interesting provide the roots for creating a strong concept. WIth all clients, the design process involves research, getting to really know the client as well as the needs and desires for the design direction. I take that information and think on it. Sometimes ideas come in the middle of the night, while driving or walking my dog.

My portfolio showcases some of the types of projects I work on. Really the sky is the limit. If something needs a graphic on it, I can usually design something according to the dimensions or specs that the project entails.